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Volunteers are the mainstay of a non – profit organization.

Aasha ka dwar depends on its committed group of volunteers to sustain its various programs. You can participate in our activities from anywhere by donating your time & talent.


You can help us out in:

  • Designing promotional & awareness literature

  • Fundraising Activities 

  • Writing on animal welfare issues

  • Drafting fundraising proposals

  • Promoting adoptions of the shelter puppies

  • Promoting the cause through social media and other platforms

  • Help in rescue & relief work

  • Awareness & adoption drives 

  • On-site vaccination & First Aid  

  • On-site verification of cruelty complaints


Animal volunteer work is challenging, yet extremely important and very rewarding. During your time with us, you must be ready to provide care to animals and follow the instructions and suggestions of the higher management at all times. For this reason we seek volunteers who are totally dedicated with high perseverance, endurance, patience, and work ethic.

If this is your first time volunteering in such thing, be aware that all your romantic notions might not be true. There is zero glamour attached to the work that needs to be done day in and day out.

This work is hard and sometime dirty- yet very rewarding! 

Although volunteering is an unpaid position, they are extremely important and we require volunteers to be reliable.

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference

  1. To be the volunteer one needs to fill the form and will be contacted by our team within the next 48hrs for a phone call interaction.

  2. If the individual is selected by our team he/she will have to pay Rs200 as a non refundable one time registration amount and the volunteer will be provided with our volunteer kit.

  3. If the volunteer actively participates for the next 3 months or takes part in our events than he/she will be awarded with token of appreciation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We are waiting for you to join us...


T: 9540226733


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