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The Lockdown Effect (day 29,LIVE)

Lockdown Day 29. Live update! Corona Virus in India: HIGHLIGHTS! Corona Virus world Update: Up to April 22, 2020. Week 4 of lockdown: Most states have slowed corona growth!

These are the common news that we can see these days.

All of us are in a hard time. The lock down has resulted in many drawbacks throughout the country. There are many people struggling to find their balance in the day to day life. Workers with daily wages stand with no more jobs, there are people who have to wait for food, and there are people who are photographed in return to the help offered. People are also stuck, away from homes with their parents wishing for them to be safe. Many companies have decided to reduce the workers which would result in an increase in an already increased unemployment rate.

When we think that we’re in a sufferable moment, animals suffer too! The first thing to affect them is food. Though the food part is being taken care of by the animal welfare people and commoners, Animal experts say that the social animals like dogs would miss the humans being around. They say that the strays would be accustomed being with humans and the occasional pats and care they receive from people. And during this time they would miss this.

Even the pets in our home are restricted in going out of the house. At least we understand about the lockdown. They just wonder what’s wrong with us and why aren’t we taking them outside for a walk. So everyone has their own set of confusions and frustrations during this period.

Whatever happens, it’s going to change in a few days. We have it in us to pull through even in the hardest times and we can certainly do it this time. So let’s hope this dark phase moves through our lives as fast as it has occurred.

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