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Positive and negative corona effects

It has been 27 days since lockdown. Yet after all these days we humans haven’t adapted to the change, then what about animals? 

There has been some positive and some negative impacts on them.

Positive Impacts -

 With humans isolating themselves in their homes, animals that stay away from urban areas now have space to roam. 

•In northern India, a herd of deer was caught on camera walking the streets of Haridwar and Ahmedabad. 

•Wild boar have been spotted in the centre of Barcelona, Spain. 

•Due to the water in rivers becoming more clearer such as the Grand Canal in Venice, River Ganges in India, dolphins and fishes have returned in the water bodies after decades. 

•Animals and birds have taken over India's deserted streets amid coronavirus lockdown. •Neel gais were spotted in Greater Noida streets .

• Studies have confirmed that due to reduction in noise pollution because of the lockdown, birds and aquatic animals like whales are experiencing less stress , thereby making a positive impact on their health. Although this pandemic is causing havoc but also it has been an evidence in itself that if coordinated global action is taken against climate change then nature takes no time in reclaiming itself. It is also clear that if humans want then they can certainly stop global issues like climate change . 

 Negative Impacts -

•Animals too are vulnerable to the virus attack. People have ensured their safety but no one  has thought about the animals and birds during the curfew. They are deprived from food and social interaction from humans. According to the researchers this may lead to aggressive behaviour in animals.

• Researchers also say that the cat family is more prone to the virus than the dogs.  Glenn Browning, veterinary microbiologist says, "People appear to pose more risk to their pets than they do to us."

•      Wet shops in many places have been closed all of a sudden with the pets inside during lockdown. They were also not provided with f

ood and water. The police had to intervene prevent this. The pet shops that run illegally were also warned.

• Apart from that, internationally there has been a growing demand to shut down the wet markets all over the world which are not only infamous for the inhumane conditions of animals but has also become hotspots of origin of new diseases in past few decades. PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is working aggressively in this direction and is urging people all over the world to adopt vegan lifestyle so that such markets can be banned because there will be no demand. 

•The Lok Shaba member Menaka Gandhi tweeted “Please feed the pigeons and dogs. They cannot give you the virus but they will die if they are not fed. Do as much good as you can. It all adds up to a new world of compassi


Steps taken by the government in this regard -

While the lockdown has prevented humans from feeding the stray animals , governments has taken various initiatives for taking care of the animals. 

•The Odisha Government has sanctioned 54+80 lakhs to feed stray animals. This was done to prevent the stray animals from starving and to lower their aggressive behavior.

•BJP MP , Maneka Gandhi, announced that the Delhi administration will be issuing FEEDER’S PASSES to those who otherwise would not be able to feed the animals amidst the lockdown.50 passes were  given per d

istrict. That was an excellent effort 

Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Bengaluru, Pune, Goa, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have also decided to help the stray animals by issuing FEEDER’S PASSES.

•In the last few days many CLOSED pet shops were raided and many animals were found dead. In such case was seen in Bengaluru . Rabbits and birds were found dead by the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board members. The other animals were evacuated and put inside rescue homes. The shop owners were directed to open the shops and feed the animals and birds.

• More than that, while the raids continued, many shops were found to have been operating without any license. Not surprising though. Prosperous businesses have been illegal 

 •Situation in other countries -

• In Pakistan thousands of animals were foun

d dead after the shops closed due to lockdown. Cries of the animals were heard from outside the shops and on accessing the shops,70% of the animals were found dead. 

• In China many volunteers have taken in the abandoned animals and looked after them. They say that they had struggles in getting the food for the animals during lockdown. Many countries in Europe and America have laid down instructions in maintaining pets and walking out the dogs.

The itching question for the people is if their pets could get it. Dr. Brett Levitzke, a Brooklyn veterinarian says that  “There have been a couple of odd sporadic cases where dogs have tested positive, but the thought process is that they’ve been around their owners who have been shedding a high virus load”.

We all know that this pandemic is a challenging time , not only for the survival for humans but also for the other living things. It is in our hands to protect them too . So let’s move forward with hope and humanity and help one another .

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