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Life Before Quarantine vs Life During Quarantine

Life Before Quarantine vs Life During Quarantine

Let me take you one & half months back. I am sure you might find those days nostalgic, Enjoying with friends during & after classes if you are a student, if you are working , I am sure you have gone out after office hours, reached home late saying extra work hours. If i am not wrong you guys would have procrastinated to go to college or your work places. Reluctant to study, go for work. You might have badly wanted holidays to rest.

What happend after a month is what none of us expected…...complete lockdown. Now you might find those days very interesting, fun days. This is the time to understand ourself as well as people around us. Care for animals out there. Its time to realize about people who are sick at home, time to spend time with them, we can’t stay home for few days, just think of those people who are sick/ disabled, lying on the bed all time,they are at home all the time, arent they bored, tired of thier routine lives? We didn’t even bother to spend time with them. Why? Because we were so called too busy in our lives.

All of us have 24 hours in a day. The point is how we utilize it. Instead of wasting time in playing Ludo,UNO, Series, Movies, Sleep etc, lets make this quarantine meaningful. By Lending a helping hand to needy, spending time with sick at home talking to them, feeding the stray dogs, planting saplings i.e moving towards Green India, contributing to donation fund of India, which is great initiative by the Government , learning to cook, taking up online certificate courses, bulding up our resume & much more.

Before signing off I would like to end up with a beautiful quote ” You Must Be The Change You Want to See in the World”


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