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More than 20 crore's Indians will sleep hungry tonight.

Hunger still remains to be the No.1 cause of death's in the world.

WE have the capability to overcome hunger, what we lack is the  will to do so!

  •  CORONA is making us face the reality, its true, are you aware about the fact our country India is ranked 102(human hunger index)

How we as a individual can help?

  • Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day.


  • 1/3rd of the world's hungry live in India.

  • Why is Every 4th Indian Hungry?

Hello friends,
Living quarantine life ? Are you getting bored. Ok let's make it interesting. You are sitting and spending luxurious time in your home. But have you ever pondered upon or given a to those who don't have a place to dwell in, those who are dependent on their daily wages. We are aware that there are many people among you who are willing to eradicate this problem but are being held back because of the lockdown. We are giving you a chance! We are not asking you to do a humungous task. It is just that small acts like giving a packet of biscuit can fill a stomach. Let's make a '#heretocare' self driven volunteer chain. Let's make extra rotis and food and hand them over to responsible authorities like police, healthcare workers, shopkeepers etc who can deliver them to the needy in this quarantine.

The world is fighting the pandemic then why should India be behind?


This is what we can do-
1. Make extra food daily.
2. Keep it in front of our houses or hand it to a responsible essential services person.
3. One person among us should take responsibility to collect all the eatables and hand them to the responsible authorities like police, shopkeeper etc.


'Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible, which you never thought quarantine will make possible!'

It should be our own responsibility to collect eatables and ensure that they are distributed to animals and humans in need. Don't worry if you cannot do so, just try contacting us -'Aasha ka Dwar' through our Facebook and Instagram handles and we will ensure that the food reaches a needy.



'We don't need to have deep pockets or be rich to help the poor and the hungry. We need to have a big heart.'                      

Let's spread happiness during this quarantine. Let's help our nation.

Jai Hind.

How would stray get food ?

Does they to get infected  ?

How govt is helping them ?

  • Almost all the strays depends on humans for the food, as food is equally important as oxygen. At many public places like (railway station, market, bus stand, etc) we intentionally or unintentionally provide them food but as the situation all are aware of they don't have the food source they use to.

  • Who have confirmed that dogs are not the reason and they do not spread the corona.                                         (

  • Government is doing best to feed as much they can and have also agreed to grant work permit passes to all the one who feeds animals and also as per the rules animal service is also comes under essential services, and also if you want to feed a dog you can do you don't need any permission for the same.                (



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