ना दौलत से, ना शोहरत से,

ना बंगला-गाड़ी रखने से,

मिलता है सुकून दिल को,

किसी की मदत करने से.

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Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand that yes, COVID-19 doesn't have a vaccine yet but it can be cured and the best part is it can be prevented.

protect yourself

There is no reason to PANIC, but every reason to ACT

These 4 tips not only protects you from corona but also from many other disease's.

No One I Know, Suffers Starvation

Are You Doing something that brings smile on someone's face and also can inspire others, you can contact us and share your story.. 

The heroes not only for humans but for the animals too.

The song is dedicated to all the animal lovers who step out for the voiceless and feed them and always support them no matter what.


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Kuch shabad ....

Ye th unke naam ,

jo sirf insaan nahi Insaaniyat ke asli haqdaar hai

In masoom janwaro ke sath hai .

Bhare pet un besahaaro ka

Jinke paas na hi chhat hai Na hi koi apna ,

Aur bhatakte hai idhar se udhar

Taaki mil jaye koi apna Kar rahe na koi ehsaan hai

Ye to bass ek punya ka kaam hai

Iss mushkil ghadhi mein jo de inka sath

Wo kamjor nahi

Kar raha mahaan kaam hai

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